Thursday, March 22, 2012

Valletta by night

We recently wandered around Valletta, tip to tip and corner to corner, to explore this old little city by night.

Valletta is very quiet and empty at night, but the absence of cars and tourists makes you aware of the real flavour of Valletta. I felt invisible slipping around corners in the dark (only our noisy shutter was giving us away), and as we passed by open windows we caught odd bits of conversation, the happy noise of a family eating Sunday dinner, Italian and Maltese talk radio, classical music, barking dogs, mums scolding children, laughter. A perfect little slice of life.

I think cities are bi-polar. One personality in the day, one at night. And it's kind of the best.

Before you head off, why don't you click over to:

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// That time I took a trip around Europe with my entire family + Mike (during which my Dad successfully butchered several languages. Sometimes all in one sentence.)

// Curious about Runway Malta (and what the Maltese are wearing at such fab fashion events)?

// My fellow NSCADU alums taking Toronto Fashion Week by storm!

// Joe Fresh does it again at Toronto Fashion Week (In case you're not Canadian - believe it or not, we buy Joe Fresh at the grocery store!)

// Pantone meets Sephora

- Jess


  1. I love exploring cities by night - It always gives such a unique perspective!

    Gorgeous photos as always :)



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