Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Victoria Lines

Last weekend we embraced the sunny weather (hello, spring!) and went for a short walk along the Victoria Lines in Mosta, had (another) picnic at Buskett Gardens, got lost trying to find a mysterious castle perched high on a hill, and got our first (accidental) sun burns. Yes, yes, I know. Sunscreen. But it's still strange to remember to apply it in March.

What are the Victoria Lines? In a nutshell the Victoria Lines are like Malta's Hadrian's Wall (according to Mike).

This line of defensive fortifications built by the British in the late 19th century spans over 12 kilometers (almost 8 miles, for Americans) and were intended to present a defensive barrier to invading forces coming from the north of the island towards the more heavily populated south. 

And maybe someday we will walk the whole thing. With better shoes.
- Jess

the view from the victoria lines, mosta
the view from the victoria lines to bugibba. i've never seen malta so green, the yellow bits are wild flowers!



  1. I love reading your blog, it inspires me to go and see bits of Malta i've been too lazy to think of before! I never really get out of St Julians/Sliema area which is a shame because these places are so pretty! xxx

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    1. Thanks, that's so kind of you! For such a small island there is a ton to do here, and I'm glad the blog inspires you to get out and explore. That's a big reason why we blog.

  2. Gorgeous! What a beautiful place you guys live in :)

    And the pups are so cute!


  3. It's really quite beautiful here! And your shoes are too cute. I love the way they shine in the sun!


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