Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visiting a Vet in Malta

Our visits to our veterinarian in Malta have been a pleasure - and a cost savings over similar vetrinary services in Canada. We go to our Maltese vet for annual vaccinations, to register our dogs (required by law), to receive our EU Pet Passport (which also acts as our dogs' personal medical records), and when we have any concerns about their health.

We have taken Ellie and Winnie to the vet twice for minor injuries - once in 2010 when Ellie got hit by a door that was blown shut, and a few weeks ago when Winnie began crying and favouring one of her shoulders. In both cases Ellie and Win were back to normal within a week and our wallet's were no worse off for it.

Our vet has a walk-in policy during opening hours through the week, and offers booked appointments (including surgeries) on Wednesdays. The vet's office isn't fancy and there is no receptionist, but it is clean and well equipped and we always feel as though our dogs are in good hands. We suspect keeping their operations simple (no receptionist, walk-ins) allows them to keep costs low. Sometimes when we are visiting our vet unexpectedly leaves the room to go sell a bag of dog food to a customer, or to answer a phone call, but we don't mind. These things never compromise his level of care and again, likely help to keep costs low.

The (approximate) costs:

€12.50 for 15 minute visit with the vet
€1.25 for a shot of pain medication
€5 for a week's supply of pain medication (pills)
= <€20 to see a vet about a minor injury

The costs for our dogs to get a check up, heartworm vaccination, and the vet's signature on some paperwork in Canada? $220 (Canadian). Yikes.

While we have a fantastic vet in Msida - Animal Aid Vetrinary Clinic - we would encourage you to seek out a vet in Malta who you get along with and who meets your needs. What works for us might not work for you.

What are vet costs like where you live?
- Jess


  1. Thanks for posting this! We need to take our dog to get his EU passport and vaccinations to travel abroad since we may be moving. Great to know that the Animal Aid Clinic can do it all and it won't cost us a fortune either!

  2. oh my gosh so cheap!!! i think i'll fly my dog out there when he gets sick :)

  3. Recently got a puppy and am amazed by how cheap the vet care is in Spain as well! However, I do think Malta's are even cheaper. Normally, I don't have to pay for the clinic visit because it's my bf's client, so just pay for the vaccines, which cost around 15-20 eur. Still, nothing in comparison to back home!

    1. How interesting, thanks for sharing! I'm a total nerd and I love knowing these little things about life abroad :)


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