Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We want to Go With Oh to Prague!

It's no secret, we love to travel. It's a big reason why we packed up one little apartment and two little dogs and moved from Canada to Malta a couple of years ago. Well that, and Maltese ravioli.

So when we were contacted by Go With Oh to enter their blogger competition it was a no-brainer. We're in. The prize? The winners become Go with Oh's new travel bloggers (Blogging our way through Europe? Yes please!) and receive free accommodation in one of their fantastic apartments in four of ten cities: Berlin, London, Florence, Rome, Prague, Paris, Dublin, Vienna, Barcelona, and Venice. The task? Write about five things you would like to do in any one of these cities.

When we write about visiting, or living in, Malta, we consider what to eat, see, and do. We are also curious about how things work (or don't) in Malta, how its villages are built, and how its people live.

We apply this curiosity and outlook to travel.

Eat - well, that's easy. We have followed our stomachs around countries like France, Italy and Morocco and are itching to go back for a second helping.

See? That's where Jess, the art history student, comes in. When we travel you can find a neatly composed list of museums, galleries, cafes, shops, parks, and quirky sites to visit tucked into her purse. But seeing is about more than just snapping pictures and ticking boxes off a list. Sometimes (even more than eating), it's about discovering the real flavour of a city.

Then there's 'Do': Mike's favourite. Think rock climbing, jumping off cliffs, diving, and sailing. Spontaneous, wind-in-your-hair fun.

We think Prague offers a perfect selection of things to eat, see, and do. So here's our plan: we want to load up our little blue convertible, buckle in our two dachshund chihuahua dogs, and blog our way through Europe for Go With Oh. From our little island in the south all the way up to London in the north, its the ultimate road trip. And we want you to follow along.

When we get to PRAGUE we want to:

1. GET THE SHIVERS AT SEDLEC OSSUARY. Just an hour outside Prague in Kuntá Hora, Sedlec Ossuary is a fabulously quirky, and strangely beautiful, work of art. Jess gets big nerd points for having studied this chapel in a funerary art class, so you can guess why this made our list of things to see. As a bonus, on our way out of the city we will see some of Prague's suburbs. Prague's history doesn't stop in the Old Town, its suburbs blossomed in the early 20th century (hello, art nouveau mansions!) What better opportunity to Czech check out how people really live, work, and play here.

image via
2. GET LOST IN PRAGUE CASTLE. From off the beaten track to the well-worn track. After visiting 11 countries and 19 cities last year, we know that many tourist must-sees are so-called for a reason. This particular castle is about half the size of Malta's entire capital city of Valletta, so we look forward to getting lost while exploring its nooks and crannies. We're interested in the views from the top of St. Vitus' bell tower, loosing our footing on the Rider's staircase, viewing contemporary art in the castle's gorgeous stables (how strange!), Vladislav Hall's infamous gothic vaulting, catching a jazz performance, and taking a bite out of the golden apple.

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3. FIND THE BEST BREW. When we travel we also like to take some time to do as the locals do. Happily in Prague that means drinking beer. Indeed, no trip to Prague would be complete without a quest to find the best brew in town. We'll start with the traditional Czech beers, take in a brewery tour (or three), and round off our search with some local oddities - coffee or banana beer, anyone? If we time our visit right we might even catch the Pilsner Fest!

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4. DO PRAGUE BY FOOT. Yes, it's been done before. But we'll do it again, and we'll do it our way with two little dogs in tow. We hear great things about how dog friendly Prague is, and we want to put it to the test. We're thinking the Vltava river and Charles Bridge at sunrise - so we can beat the crowds, and find the real flavour of Prague as locals commute to work. We also want to savour that flavour at a riverside cafe, and walk all the way through Old Town. By the end of the trip we will have walked through all ten of Prague's districts, collecting photographs and swapping stories with locals along the way. And just as Rome was built on seven hills, Prague was built on nine. What better way to work off all those beer calories?

image via
5. GO ZORBING. They call it the human hamster ball, and it's not hard to see why. This is a  completely unconventional way to see the Prague countryside whirl by. Probably best not to do this one on a full stomach ovepro, knedlo and zelo though. Mike's pick, in case you hadn't guessed.

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We often stay in apartments while traveling (as in ParisValencia and Vienna) and we like to think of them as the best of both worlds. All the conveniences and quirks of living like a local while still getting to play tourist.

Exactly the way we like to travel.

Go With Oh: like pivo and Praha, we're a perfect match.

- Mike & Jess

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You can also win four fantastic prizes in Go With Oh's Facebook competition and tweet your travel tips for another chance to win!


  1. So cool - hope you win :)

  2. Jessica and Mike - I sure hope you win this contest! I love reading your blogs and would love to read more about your travels!

  3. Prague - that would be an amazing trip (for you folks and the pups :-) Good luck!

  4. Good luck guys - fingers crossed for you!

  5. Heather KIlley March 28, 8:45 amWednesday, March 28, 2012 2:47:00 PM

    Wishing you all the luck and really enjoyed your blog from St. Thomas, Ontario


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