Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Go with Oh...

We want to be your new travel bloggers so badly we wrote you a book.

A book!

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Dear Go with Oh,

As the competition comes to a close we want to thank you, Go with Oh, for asking us to participate. We've had a lot of fun, and connected to a lot of people, telling the world why we want to Go with Oh to your ten fantastic city destinations. 

We are more convinced than ever that we are the bloggers for you. Travel is about stories - finding, making, and sharing them. And our Go with Oh story will be completely unique. Here's how it goes:

You've received many submissions for the competition but the choice is easy. Two bloggers means twice the posting, sharing, and connecting. Two pups means twice the cuteness. As a young couple, adventurous expats, experienced travelers with itchy feet, we appeal to a broad audience in both North America and Europe, and our blog readers are the very best there are (we'll elaborate on that later).

House Hunters International chose us, and now 97 million people are about to know who we are. You'd be crazy not to choose us too.

We have some big ideas about how to truly make this the ultimate road trip. Starting with our Oh car. We want to tell tourists and locals alike throughout Europe about you, both on and off the web. And we think driving in our Oh car from our little island in the south all the way up to London in the north is the perfect way to do it. We'll stop in front of major landmarks and incredible views along the way, snapping photos with our Oh car and swapping stories with locals.
Our readers know we don't just support any old brands, and we are sorry we didn't find you sooner, Go with Oh. We truly believe your apartments are the best out there and we love how easy and intuitive it is to search for them across your Oh city sites (you can search for apartments by proximity to landmarks! Do you know how many hours on Google Maps that could have saved us?) We would be thrilled to drive your image (pun intended!) throughout Europe.

Not only can we offer you a unique and compelling story, but we are a perfect match for you in so many other ways. It is clear that the Open House Company is passionate about Europe. So are we. So passionate, in fact, that we packed up and moved here two years ago. You help travellers get the best out of what Europe has to offer, and we live that motto everyday.

As our Go with Oh campaign progressed and we researched and wrote about well over 50 (must-see and off-the-beaten-path) attractions in 10 European cities, we wanted to share all we had learned with as many people as possible. That's why we created the #GowithOh tag on Pinterest and the very first Go with Oh competition board, where we collaborated with other Pinterest users and blog readers on travel tips and tricks, and shared some gorgeous travel photography. We even threw some of our own travel photos in for good measure, because what's a travel blog without great images?

We have been blown away (but not altogether surprised - you guys area amazing) by the fantastic support our Go with Oh campaign has received from our amazing readers, friends, and family. Thank you to each and every one of you who helped out by tweeting, posting on Facebook, emailing, pinning, and following our campaign. Our readers come from all over the world and their kindness knows no limits. We hope we can repay you all in travel tips (and samples of Roman pizza, just send us your address!) as we take you all along for the ride on our ultimate European road trip with Oh this autumn.

What's the recipe for your perfect travel bloggers? Add a dash of creativity, a pinch of humour, a generous helping of commitment, and a unique and compelling story. Stir in a captivated audience, spontaneity, an innate curiosity, and a bit of risk taking. Combine with a healthy appetite, a questionable sense of direction, and a well used passport. And you get this. (Makes two servings.)
this highly scientific venn diagram says it all

Go with Oh - like pivo and Praha, vaporettos and Veneto, and waltzing and Wien - we're a perfect match for you.

- Mike & Jess


  1. This was brilliant and different! If Go with Oh! don't select you as winners, there will be hell to pay! :)Hope you guys win!

  2. OMG if you don't win I will be sooooo upset! You totally deserve it!!!


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