Friday, April 20, 2012

Dog Training in Malta

Last weekend we started a dog training course for the pups (specifically, this PET scheme). We are happy to have found a fantastic trainer who works with positive reinforcement techniques and focuses as much on owner education as he does on dog training. Which is good, because these are two things we need help with.

Our dogs are pretty cute. Too cute for their own good, really. And their looks allow them to get away with much more than they should. We suspect the root of our problems is doggy anxiety. But our biggest complaint is with Ellie - the brown dog.

When we are out in public she barks when she's bored. If we take her for a walk and sit for a rest on a bench she barks for us to keep going. If we go to the beach she barks for us to play with her in the sea. And Ellie's barks are not as cute as you would think they are. They are very loud, ear piercing sounds. It's gotten to the point that outings with Ellie are less than enjoyable, and we are really looking forward to learning about why she does this and how we can help her.

Last weekend we went for a drive to Ghar Lapsi, a quiet little corner in the south of the island where Mike has gone rock climbing. We climbed to a rocky plateau and sat to watch the waves crash against the island of Filfla. A picture perfect moment.

Except for the loud little wiener dog whose barking echoed out across the sea.

Have you ever met a dog who barks when it's bored? Do you have any success (or failure) dog training stories? 

We are so excited to have a jam-packed weekend coming up. Besides going to our dog training course, we'll be at the Amitex Holiday show at the Malta Fairs and Convention Center on Saturday, and the SPCA Malta Spring Fair at Palazzo Parisio on Sunday. We would love to meet some of our local readers at these events, so come out and join us!

On Sunday evening my oldest childhood friend is coming to visit and we are whisking her and her friend off to the St. Publius Festa in Floriana. I can't wait! What are your weekend plans?

- Jess

On a completely unrelated note - can you identify this teeny-tiny mystery flower we saw at Ghar Lapsi?
It looks like an iris, but it's about the size of your nail!

view of Filfla from Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi


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