Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marsaxlokk Market Morning

A local's tip to Marsaxlokk: go very early on Sunday morning (like 8 am early) to avoid the crazy crowds of tourists. At this time of the day it's just locals at the market getting shit done. (Pardon my French.) And it's awesome.

Our purchases? Strawberries, as they are perfectly in season right now. And a Maltese lace tablecloth for Mike's mum. Apparently they are the best tablecloths in the world and you don't ever need to iron them. This is her fourth Maltese tablecloth, so it must be true.

Tips for buying Maltese linens and lace: Have your measurements ready in centimetres. Go for the fabric with linen in it if you don't want to iron your tablecloth (you can tell it's linen because it won't be pure white). Most sellers have more stock than what is displayed, so if you don't see something you like just ask. Sometimes the seller will even throw in a few place mats or a runner for free. And a little bartering is permitted if you are making an expensive or bulk purchase.

If you're interested in Maltese textiles, or textiles and fashion generally, head over to my friend's blog The Warp and Weft, where today you can read about Maltese costume in her ongoing Mediterranean Costume Series.

- Jess

marsaxlokk market produce

marsaxlokk market salted fish
marsaxlokk market, salt fish

marsaxlokk market

maltese lace at marsaxlokk market
maltese lace at the marsaxlokk market

maltese linens at the marsaxlokk market

strawberry season in Malta peaks in April

flat pastizzi - cheese cakes - the perfect way to end a market morning.


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