Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Other Islands: Gozo & Comino

As mentioned in yesterday's post, my oldest childhood friend Hailey came to visit us in Malta in April. When I asked her what she wanted to see while she was here she had only one answer - Gozo and Comino. And so we did. 

It was my first real beach day of the year and I have a sunburn to prove it. It was also my first dip of the year in the Mediterranean. At 16°C it was chilly - the kind of cold that takes your breath away for a second. But the water at Comino was, as always, clear and blue and perfect.

If only those jellyfish would go away.

- Jess

hello, summer.
view from the gozo citadel (photo by hailey)

azure window, gozo

dwerja, gozo (photo by hailey)

the inland sea, gozo

xlendi bay walking path, gozo

xlendi bay walking path, gozo (photo by hailey)

xlendi bay, gozo (photo by hailey)
comino, as seen from cominotto

the cave on cominotto


jellyfish at comino (photo by hailey)



  1. Gorgeous photos!! Looks like an amazing time. I desperately want to be on a beach right about now.

  2. seriously?! Where did all the jellyfish come from? I didn't see any last year, but Anson (my husband) got stung 12 times during the same trip in Gozo.... nice & painful! I hope they all leave soon!

    1. I know! Last summer there were practically none. But apparently if the sea heats up gradually (which happened this year since it was so cold all winter) jellyfish thrive. Not cool!

  3. How on earth could you ever leave!?! Soooooo beautiful! And I know that the jelly fish are dangerous, but gosh are they beautiful.


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