Monday, April 2, 2012

We Want to Go with Oh to Rome!

We want to Go with Oh on the road - literally. We will spread the word about Oh high and low, on and off the web, starting in Rome. And here's how we'll do it:
our Oh car!

Go with Oh - let's wrap our little blue car in your logo and name. We will take you on the ultimate European road trip from our little island in the south all the way to London in the north, stopping in every Go with Oh city (and some other notable places along the way) and snapping photos of our 'Oh car' in in front of major landmarks and incredible views. We'll start with a photo in front of one of the world's most stunning structures - the Colosseum. By the end of our Oh road trip we will have an amazing collection of photos of all of the places we got to Go with Oh, and tourists and locals alike throughout Europe will get to know Oh even better.

When we Go with Oh to ROME we will:

1. TRAVEL BACK IN TIME TO ANCIENT ROME. Keeping with our 'eat, see, do' theme, our goal is to complete a sketch of daily life in ancient Rome to learn what its population ate, saw, and did so many millennia ago. We will begin by scratching the surface of ancient Rome (even in a lifetime you couldn't see it all) and like every good tourist, we'll start at the Roman Forum and Colosseum. We will also marvel at ancient engineering while visiting the Pantheon (you never knew concrete could be so interesting!) Then we'll climb two of Rome's most famous hills - the Capitoline and Palatine - to see how ancient Romans lived. And of course, for the best views of the city. We'll continue on to the Baths of Caracalla and Diocletian, and end our tour of ancient Rome where so many Romans found their final resting place, in the city's ancient catacombs.

After all that walking we'll be happy to rest our feet in our Oh Rome apartment. We love this one (those ceilings are fantastic!)

our Oh car at the Colosseum!
image via

2. GO BENEATH THE SURFACE. From scratching the surface of Rome to going under its surface, we will take a guided tour of underground Rome to explore hidden historic sites not normally open to the public. Underground Rome is the biggest uncovered museum in the world, and we aren't afraid to get a little dirty to explore it. Sewers, acqueducts, temples, houses, theatres, and shrines, anywhere you stand in Rome there are layers of history below you. And we aren't satisfied with simply hearing about them in museums. We want to be immersed in them.

image via

3. EAT PIZZA BY THE POUND. A visit to Rome isn't complete without eating pizza, weighed and sold by the pound, from a streetside pizza shop. When we Go with Oh to Rome we will do just that. We dream of Roman pizza (yes, literally). The thinnest crust, the freshest ingredients, and cut into squares for easy folding, we think Roman pizza is easily the best in the world. We will search the city for the strangest, simplest, and most exotic flavour combinations, beg pizza masters to share their recipes and tricks, and document it all for you. If we could order it to ship, we'd send you all a piece of it too.

image via
4. EXPLORE ROME WITH BERNINI. The legacy of Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini largely shapes how we think of Rome today. He was responsible for many of its fountains, he designed St. Peter's square, colonnade, and baldachin, and gave Ponte St. Angelo its angels. The man could make marble melt (proof: Ecstasy of St. Teresa and Apollo and Daphne). So what better way to explore Rome than by following the trail of his works through the city?

We'll follow Bernini from the Vatican to the Villa Borghese, stop to bail water at the Spanish steps, wander through Piazza Navone and Piazza Barberini, spot his elephant near Santa Maria sopra Minerva, duck into the Chigi Chapel at Santa Maria del Popolo, cross the Ponte St. Angelo (you'll recognize it from the Da Vinci Code film), and pay St. Teresa a visit at Santa Maria della Vittoria's Cornaro Chapel. And we'll take you along for a photo tour so you can get to know Bernini too.

image via

5. VISIT THE WORLD'S ONLY NATIONAL PASTA MUSEUM. When in Rome, right? We will learn about pasta ingredients, traditional and modern methods of pasta making, pasta innovation (Who invented dry pasta? You guessed it!) and of course, sample the main attraction.

image via
MALTA BONUS: We couldn't not add this to our list, it's just too perfect to pass up. There's a Malta connection in Rome that we're itching to see. And it's breathtakingly beautiful.

At the headquarters of the Knights of Malta in Rome, there is a door.

In the door, there is a keyhole.

In the keyhole is one of the most serendipitous views in Rome.


image via
st. peter's basilica, perfectly framed in the keyhole of the headquarters of the knights of malta, rome
image via
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- Mike & Jess

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