Friday, May 18, 2012

A(nother) night in Frankfurt

main river, frankfurt

main river, frankfurt

romerburg plaza, frankfurt

potatoe salad for four in romerburg plaza, frankfurt

Lately when we travel between Malta and Canada we've been doing an overnight stopover in Frankfurt. It's a nice way to split up our long travel time and make a mini vacation out of an otherwise mundane trip. We've made a bit of a traditional out of walking along the Main river and stopping for potatoe salad in Romerburg Plaza with the pups. Certainly beats hunkering down in an airport for the night.

Since our blog seems to be dog-themed this week, check out:

// A cool dog bed meets coffee table DIY

// Dog breed umbrellas (perfect for rainy days everyday in Halifax)

// Hilarious dog names for graphic designers

// Love these but I refuse to buy any wiener dog paraphernalia (I dont' want to become those people)

// This, on the other hand, might be on my shopping list

// A neat idea to keep Fido busy during the dog days of summer

Have a great weekend!
- Jess

p.s. our dogs are not wearing clothing in the above photos - they are harnesses. I swear.


  1. We usually fly through Frankfurt but only ever have a few hours to kill. I'd love an overnight layover to break up our 32 hour journey home!

  2. That's such a good idea. I love your shirt! Gorgeous photos as always! Hope you're doing well!! xo

  3. just found your blog via your expat guestpost on chronicled - really enjoy it! great pictures! malta looks gorgeous! and I also like that you enjoyed Frankfurt, my hometown which I miss now and then living in Australia :)
    looking forward to folloe your life in malta!!
    kristina xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kristina! Just found your blog through your comment, so lovely. I'll be reading!


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