Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malta International Fireworks Festival 2012

malta international fireworks festival, valletta, 2012
If you've been reading our blog for awhile you know the two of us share a deep love for fireworks. But every year when the Malta International Fireworks Festival rolls around we seem to be traveling - last year in Greece. This year we were determined to be on the island for what is undoubtedly the best fireworks event of the year. And we weren't disappointed.

I've seen pyrotechnic musical shows in the past and for the most part they are pretty eye-roll enducing (think We are the Champions being drowned out by petards). But watching these three 30 minute firework shows explode over Valletta's picture-perfect Grand Harbour to the tune of classical music (and The Beatles' Let It Be) was pure magic. You haven't seen fireworks until you've seen them perfectly timed to the songs of strings.

If you're planning on catching the festival next year be sure to show up early (at least half an hour before) to get a good vantage point - we went to see the show two different nights and both times every inch of the city's bastions were packed with crowds. And if you're short (like me) you might want to invest in some of these, or bring something to stand on. Don't forget your tripod for those fantastic fireworks shots! (Whoops. We did.)

- Jess

pleasure cruise ships laden with spectators, a laser show on birgu's bastions,
and the incredible maltese falcon sailboat (one of the biggest in the world) - its taller than the bastions!

crowds lined the bastions in valletta to get a glimpse of the show 

fireworks over the grand harbour in valletta

for an idea of how massive these fireworks are, compare the size of the building below, which is about 4 storeys high


  1. Jess, your shots are amazing. I tried to take photos of fireworks last Independence Day in Gabon and failed miserably!

    A very long time ago I saw a fireworks show to music in Quebec for the International Fireworks competition and you are right - it blows your mind!

    1. The only trick to fireworks photos is loong exposures with a tripod!


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