Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rock Climbing at Ix-Xaqqa

While we had visitors in April we all went rock climbing at Ix-Xaqqa in Siggiewi. Well, Mike and Hailey went rock climbing. Hailey's friend and I cheered them on (neither of us have a death wish).

Ix-Xaqqa was a stunningly spectacular place, with views into a deep valley and over the rocky cliffs and sea below. The perfect place to watch the sun set and chat and laugh the night away.

Oh, and climb rocks, of course.

Thank you again to Hailey and her friend for visiting us. We laughed until our sides hurt, reminisced about growing up in Cape Breton, and made plans to meet up again in Canada. Truly, one of our favourite parts of living in Malta is having visitors. Life abroad is still life and eventually our days here get busy and start to blend into one another. But those three days spent with an old friend and a new - those days we won't soon forget.

- Jess

mike rock climbing at ix-xaqqa in siggiewi

can you spot the island of filfla?

hailey's first time rock climbing!

an amazing ascent for a first time climber. we were so proud!

photo by hailey


  1. Rock climbing terrifies me!

    Having friends and family visit is the best. (I don't actually know because no one wants to come to Gabon, but I assume!) There's something about having people around that have known you longer than a couple of years.

    1. Yes - I think I'll continue being a spectator. I hope you get visitors to Gabon eventually!

  2. The scenery is gorgeous but the actual rock climbing looks horrific- brave brave people! xx

  3. These pictures are amaaaazing, what a great adventure for them :) I've never rock climbed, but went abseiling once and was terrified the whole time, but glad I did it in the end :) Don't know if I would be brave enough for this one though!


  4. Wow that last photo is so beautiful. This looks like a lot of fun but a lot of scary too.


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