Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Storing Your Stuff: Part II

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I write this as Mike signs the contract on our U Store cube and our personal belongings are being driven away to a warehouse where they will live for the next two months.

If you haven't been following our blog for awhile, we frequently travel between Canada and Malta while I finish up my undergraduate degree in Nova Scotia. We are about to make a trip to Canada for a brief, two-month stint (hopefully our last!) and our flat is being subleased by a management company while we are away. So again, we have to store our stuff.

Last time we went to Canada we rented a car garage in the basement of an apartment block and filled it with our little blue car and all of our things. It worked out well for us, and was quite cheap, but it took almost a week to fill the darn thing (which was located in a different village than ours), one little car load after another, and another week to empty it.

This time, since our trip is half as long, we opted for a much simpler (albeit, more expensive) option: U Store. The company drops off a large trailer with a crate inside right at your front door, you fill it up with your stuff, lock it, and they whisk it away to store for you. The longer you store your stuff, the lower their rates are. Easy peasy.

Now if only the dogs would stop freaking out every time we pull out cardboard boxes...

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- Jess


  1. My goodness - sounds like a lot of work! I hope it's the last time you have to do it too!

  2. eeesh packing is rough! glad it'll be your last trip!

  3. Replies
    1. Every four months or so. Hopefully this is our last time for awhile!

  4. Good luck! I hope its the last time you have to do it as well!


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