Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Announcing our engagement

We had so much fun telling our friends and family about our happy news. To surprise my family, we took them out to the Bicycle Thief restaurant under the guise of celebrating Father's Day early. After I gave my dad his Father's Day gift I proposed a toast to Mike's future father-in-law, letting my ring catch the light as I held my wine glass. My mum immediately burst into tears and my dad was hilariously shocked. It was fantastic.

After dinner we went to my grandparent's house, where my dad pulled out his iPhone to show them a photo we took at dinner of Mike and I with the ring on my hand. They were pretty thrilled! Mike's family lives in other parts of Canada, so he phoned to tell them the news. Then the next morning, to announce our engagement to the rest of our family and friends, I sent out invitations (free and trackable via Paperless Post) to attend our small engagement party. We liked the idea of them finding a fun surprise in their inbox that morning.

The day after our engagement party we told the world on Facebook and here on the blog. Thank you to all of you for your well wishes! And thank you to our server at the Bicycle Thief for snapping the group photo below of my family after we surprised them at dinner. Incidentally, our server was the first person in the whole world who we told we were engaged! We managed to keep it a secret for an entire weekend (which was actually really nice and not so hard), even though we were around our families during that time. We wanted to make our announcements special and memorable. And they were. Every one of those smiles below was genuine, and let's be honest, you can't say that about every photo.

- Jess


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