Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goodbye, Halifax

Goodbye university. Goodbye fish and chips. Goodbye Canadian wheat beer. Goodbye real Mexican salsa. Goodbye green grass. Goodbye wooden houses. Goodbye granite buildings. Goodbye rain. Goodbye awesome Canadian banking system. Goodbye super politeness. Goodbye giant sidewalks. Goodbye automatic drive cars. Goodbye spicy Caesars. Goodbye Atlantic Ocean. Goodbye family. Goodbye friends.

This time we don't know when we'll be back again. It's half scary and half seriously cool.

Hello sunshine. Hello blue sky. Hello heat. Hello golden limestone. Hello wooden balconies. Hello turquoise waters. Hello crazy drivers. Hello ravioli. Hello hobz. Hello postgrad. Hello friends. 

Hello Malta. Hello home.

- Jess

p.s. On our way to Malta we're stopping by Frankfurt for a day trip to Heidelburg. Any Frankfurt/Heidelburg recommendations? Tell me! Comment below, drop by our Facebook page, or tweet me @jessinmalta


  1. Good luck with your move!

    Elle x

  2. The blind museum in Frankfurt is definitely worth visiting!!

  3. Safe and smooth travels back to Malta! Enjoy the layover in Germany :)



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