Friday, June 15, 2012

The weekend of families and parties

The weekend of our engagement party we got to spend a lot of time with my family at several parties and dinners. Which was great practice for introducing Mike as my fiancee (it's still really weird and we're both slipping up!) Evidently, it was a bad weekend for our 18-55mm lens to go into the shop for repairs, so we also got lots of practice shooting with a telephoto in small indoor spaces.

It was lovely seeing so much of our families, but even more so since my grandparents travelled especially to be in Halifax for our engagement party. That meant I had both sets of my grandparents around all weekend - a rare thing for someone my age!

Also, I got to spend some time with Stella the pug. And any day you get to hug a pug is a good one in my books.

- Jess

thank you to my cousin and his lovely partner for inviting us into their home (isn't it beautiful?)
don't forget, there's a spare bedroom in Malta with your name on it!


  1. Awww what a lovely engagement party. and oh that pug is so cute. makes me miss my pug. =(

  2. Congratulations on the engagement :D How adorable is the pug, I want one so much but I'd hate to think of one struggling in the heat here in Malta.

    The pictures look lovely and I hope you had a great time seeing all your family xx

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    1. Yes, they don't handle the heat well, but they are pretty darn cute!

  3. Still can't get over how gorgeous your ring is :) Love your dress and the pug is too cute - actually, he's so ugly he's cute!


  4. Congrats on your engagement! I just stumbled across your blog and I am more than happy to be one of your newest followers. I am a soon to be American Expat living in Ukraine and it is so refreshing to read the blog of another person far from home. Can't wait to follow your adventures!

    1. Thanks for stopping by McKenzie! Best of luck in your preparations for moving to the Ukraine - how exciting! We'll be keeping an eye on your adventures as well :)

  5. hey, I randomly found you through the expat blog.
    I went on and read your story about how you decided to move to Malta, and it made me smile, so thank you! And congratulations are also right at this point! I wish you to be really happy together :)

    My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Malta, we are currently living in London, but it doesn't feel like home, which is really not nice. So every time I find a personal blog that also discusses something about Malta, or just shows pictures of people and places I get so excited :)

    I found your notes and tips and stories really helpful, so thank you! I am breathing in everything about Malta that is new for me and hope to see it and experience it all really soon!

    :)ok, this turned out to be a bit too jolly of a comment, but I am not weird, just excited :)

    nice meeting you here~


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