Friday, July 20, 2012

Gorgeous Gozo

st gorg festa, victoria, gozo
ic-citadella, victoria, gozo

victoria (also known as rabat) - the capital city of gozo


the cathedral of assumption and the victoria skyline, view from the top of the citadel

the gozo citadel

victoria, gozo

ggantija temples, gozo (3500 BCE!)

ggantija temples, in xaghra, gozo
honoq ir-rummien beach, gozo

honoq ir-rummien beach, gozo

honoq ir-rummien beach, gozo

Early one Saturday morning we dragged a fifteen year old out of bed (no easy feat) and took the ferry to Gozo. We visited the Citadel in Victoria, the island's capital city, and ate soft serve ice cream for breakfast. We went to the Ä gantija temples in Xaghra (older than the pyramids in Egypt!), and the Crafts Village in Ta'Dbeigi. We poked around pools of water, crawling with purple and red coral and little crabs, at the Azure Window, and drank almond slushies at the Inland Sea. We ate a fabulous seafood and pasta lunch at the Hotel San Andrea's Zafiro restaurant, so close to the water we could have rinsed our plates clean. Then we drove to Marsalforn and the long stretch of salt pans on Gozo's northern coast, and down to Hondoq ir-Rummien beach on the southern coast.

If you're still with me (and you attempted to pronounce any of those Maltese words in your head) you'll be delighted to learn I am attempting to teach myself basic Maltese through a book, CD, and Maltese-English dictionary I purchased at a local bookstore. I have no natural aptitude for languages, but I now know that Hondoq ir-Rummien means Moat (of the?) Pomegranate (I've never seen a pomegranate in Gozo, have you?). And I'm more confused than ever by this fabulous, useless, fascinating language.

- Jess

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