Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Freelancing and...

I'm doing freelance work for a new expat web site launched by the creators of EasyExpat and BlogExpat: is a hub for expat services and articles, where you can contact and receive free quotes from moving and storage companies, international schools, etc. and find out everything you'll need to know about your new home. I'm pleased to be developing content for their Malta and Canada country guides, where you'll notice that I'm writing under a new name. That's because...

Just kidding!

(I can practically hear the collective gasps and sighs of relief from my family members on the other side of the world.)

I've chosen to write under my soon-to-be married name for continuity's sake. I didn't want to publish under one name only to throw it away in a couple years. While most people chose to keep their maiden name for that very reason, I like Mike's name and I'm a five foot tall ball of contradictions over here: I've always liked and loathed tradition. So there it is. I'll take his name, but I'll take it early if I want to. Plus, pen names are kind of fun, aren't they?

I'm now publishing under Jess G. Maybe someday it will be as big of a pseudonym as Mark Twain, George Eliot, or Lewis Carroll. A girl can dream.

You can read my Malta articles here, and my Canadian articles here. I'm still developing content for both countries, so if you're a current or prospective expat looking for information, check back regularly.

Did you change your name when you got married? Do you plan to? How did you deal with the professional impacts (if any) of that decision? Hyphens? Office-wide emails? Mid-interview philosophical monologues?

To work together on a freelance project, contact me at mikejessblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

- Jess

p.s. we toyed with the idea of combining last names, but Gook just didn't have the same ring to it.


  1. I haven't changed my name. It was way too complicated to do living in Gabon so it just didn't happen. I really like my last name and I'm not quite sure I want to give it up --- I suppose I have time to think about it as we decided we wouldn't do it until we're back living in Canada, whenever that may be.

    Congrats on the freelance writing work - something I've always been interested in!

    1. You have such a lovely last name! I wouldn't change it. Maybe Joe should take it :)

    2. I suggested that but it didn't go over well ;)

  2. heart definitely skipped a beat :)

    1. Haha my grandmother's heart skipped more than a few!


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