Monday, July 23, 2012

When your mother & little sister show you up.

You end up snapping photos from the ground and chasing two little pups around while they (15 and 47 years old!) scale a rock wall in Wied Babu (Babu Valley). How awesome are they! And they weren't even sore the next day (show offs).

- Jess

rock climbing in wied babu, malta

I did not inherit those athletic genes. Or the blonde locks.


  1. You've got some brave women in your family Jess! There's no way you'd get me up there!

  2. Your Mom and sister have raised the "rope" very high for my next visit .... eeek!! (another bad Jan joke - Ha! Ha!)

  3. how cool is that? would love to try some rock climbing next summer, only did in indoor climbing locations so far! looks like so much fun!

    1. Mike really loves it, and it's a cool way to explore the countryside. Definitely give it a go!


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