Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another August

August was a busy month around here. Our car broke down and couldn't be fixed on time, and so we planned and re-planned our trip six times. We became an uncle and (almost) aunt (we can't wait to meet our neice!) We rescued a lost racing pigeon. I raced through the Hunger Games in three days. He rock climbed. I cracked open my marketing textbooks. I learned that jumping in water (feet first) isn't that scary after all. We met some cool blog readers. Mike's dad visited us. We went to the 2012 Delicata Wine Festival (pictured above). We hiked around Ghajn Tuffieha beach. And soon we'll be packing our bags to explore Italy, France, England, Spain and Belgium!

This time last year a friend from Canada visited and we went to Mount Etna in Sicily. We rescued three one-eyed kittens. We went to the 2011 Delicata Wine Festival. He went diving, I read for school. We hiked around Dingli Cliffs. We bummed around our favourite beach where I learned how to swim. We took the dogs to Marsaxlokk Market. Then we packed our bags for Halifax via Frankfurt.

I think I'm noticing a pattern here. But this year's trip sounds like a whole lot more fun.

- Jess


  1. You two definitely lead an exciting life! Can't wait to follow along on your next big trip... sounds like the trip of a lifetime :)


  2. August certainly does measure up to be a busy month for you. (July is usually like that for us!)

    By the way, I'm always envious of your many visitors! I can't wait to host people in our adopted home. (Funny, no one would visit us in Gabon... I wonder why?)


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