Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Flat Club

flat near King's Cross and the British Museum, from Shak, member of the London School of Economics Club on Flat Club
I've always been curious about renting flats directly from owners while travelling but I'm still a bit skeptical. I'm not comfortable letting our flat to just anyone while we travel, or sleeping in any old stranger's bed (but I am comfortable with putting a little portion of my life online. What does that say?)

That's why I like Flat Club. It's an exclusive community that allows you to rent short term accommodation through social networks. Kind of like LinkedIn meets Facebook meets Airbnb. Basically, you rent to/from a trusted community of people you, or your friends, fellow alumni, or co-workers know.

Work at Apple? Connect to rent that Parisian pied a terre from a fellow Mac enthusiast. Studied at Brown? So did your friend's friend, who lives in Tokyo now, and wants to rent out her flat this winter while she volunteers abroad. With hundreds of workplaces, clubs and schools to connect to, this is travel you can trust.

Flat Club takes the guess work out of short term accommodation, and I like that. Because I'm prone to guessing how many calories are in that gelato (10, right?) and what shoes are appropriate for hiking (flats! always!) But guessing about the credibility of a renter based on their screen name (I'm looking at you ak47luvr)? No thanks.

- Jess


  1. This is really cool and good to know!
    I wouldn't want a weirdo in my apartment, either. :)
    Thanks for the great tip!!

    1. You're welcome! Let us know if you rent through Flat Club and how your experience went!


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