Friday, August 24, 2012

The Picture of Innocence

You would never know, beneath those big brown eyes, lies the heart of two vicious crazy spirited lizard hunters. Every day and every night Ellie and Win look forward to taking a walk. Not only to relieve themselves, but to stalk their prey. The Maltese wall lizard. This island's version of the squirrel.

Poor little guys. The bigger ones are pretty quick to hide under a rock or between the cracks of a wall, but the smaller ones haven't quite caught on that dogs are predators. Despite our best efforts to protect the lizards, Elle has managed to scoop them up in her mouth a couple times. I think their wriggling freaks her out, and she immediately spits them back out unharmed. You would think that would turn her off lizards altogether (and I don't imagine they taste very good) but no. If there's something to be said about Chihuahua Dachshund mixes, they are stubborn times two.

But back at home, nestled in the sunny space between our doors and curtains, they are the picture of innocence.

This weekend we're headed to the beach, eating breakfast for dinner, checking out the greasy pole action in Spinola Bay, and a friend from Canada is flying in to see the island. What are your plans?

- Jess

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