Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretty Pisa

arno river pisa

keith haring pisa street art

pisa architecture

pisa street market

keith haring pisa street art

pisa street

pisa street architecture

pisa arno river rower

candid! let's try that again...
much better.
Hello, again. We're back from our road trip, caught up on laundry, and have sorted through our photos (so many!) just in time for me to start school next week. Did you know if you say "I'm going to school" in Malta everyone thinks you mean public (i.e. grade) school? I can't get used to saying 'university' so I embarrass myself with this one all the time.

We started our road trip in Pisa and will be posting about our travels in chronological order. Pisa was such a delightful surprise. We hadn't expected much from the city (word on the street is that, besides the Leaning Tower, it's a bit run down and boring), but gosh it is so relaxed, pretty, and much more low-key than other tourist-y Italian towns. I also loved the unexpected Keith Haring mural. I think it's great to see contemporary art in a city renowned for it's historical art; it gives the place a much more lived-in vibe.

While in Pisa we scrambled to find a shop that sold camera cards (we would forget ours) and made silly poses in front of the Leaning Tower (photos to follow!) Then we wandered around both sides of the Arno river at sunset. While it's probably an unpopular opinion, we're convinced the Arno is much prettier running through Pisa than in Florence. What do you think?

- Jess

date: august 31st
distance travelled: 10 km/6 mi (airport to city center)
weather: sunny, warm
slept at: Casa San Tommaso
parked at: the hotel, €7 inclusive of ZTL (restricted traffic zone) charge


  1. That first shot is gorgeous! I agree, the Arno here is stunning. Looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  2. It looks absolutely lovely! So funny that in Malta school refers to grade school... it's exactly the same in South Africa. It took years of practice {and strange looks from people} before I finally got the whole university word nailed down. Now I always use it when I'm in the states and feel so stupid afterwards!

    Can't wait for more pics!


  3. I just remember seeing the tower and moving on but the town looks positively charming!

    I'm so looking forward to these posts, Jess! Have a great weekend!

    1. You too! Hope you're settling into the new place :)

  4. Your photos makes this place look amazing! I wish I could explore more!

  5. gorgeous pisa! Never been but looks a bit like Florence to me, which I totally adored. Welcome back!


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