Monday, September 24, 2012

Silly Poses at The Leaning Tower

Let's be honest, next to no one goes to Pisa to see anything other than the Leaning Tower, get the prerequisite 'it's about to fall down!' photo, and skip off to another more traditionally Tuscan town. We were pleasantly surprised that Pisa had more to offer than just the Tower, but even that didn't disappoint. Except that it's much smaller in person than in photographs.

The end of August was the perfect time to visit the Leaning Tower. The crowds were thin, the weather warm enough to bare some skin, and the grass around the Tower, Baptistery, and Cathedral (the latter two of which are the most interesting, from what I remember of university art history classes) was still green and lush enough to lounge around on. Evidently, everyone ignores the Keep Off The Grass signs.

We lounged around the Tower grounds for an hour or so, snapping photos, giggling at fellow tourists, and snacking on bread sticks from a local corner store, before heading off to get a good night's rest in preparation for our first day of driving. 4,792 km/2978 mi to go!

- Jess

date: august 31
weather: sunny, warm
entrance fee: free to wander around the tower & grounds (which we did)
€15-€17 to climb the tower; €2 cathedral admission (free nov-feb); €5 baptistery admission; other combined site/pisa museum tickets available


  1. I imagine one could spend hours watching watching people posing to hold up the tower!

  2. You found pink lipstick! Was that the colour you're looking for?

    1. I actually wanted a lip stain that matched this lip stick, since it's really smudgey and I can't eat with it on :)


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