Monday, October 1, 2012

Air Dates: House Hunters International on HGTV Canada

filming house hunters international in halifax, nova scotia, canada (our hometown!)

For all of your who have been asking... we have air dates for House Hunters International on HGTV Canada!

You can watch our episode:
Wednesday October 10th & Thursday, October 11th.
Air times vary by time zone, so check the schedule for more information.

We watched our episode a couple months ago with friends and a few bottles of wine. I think we succeeded in coming across as pretty boring (vs. annoying or controversial) but gosh we look silly on screen! A few cringe-worthy moments to look out for: eating poutine on screen (which we never eat in real life), the 'cow' rug, and me wearing flats in a snow storm (oops!)

- Jess

p.s. we also announced our Canadian air date on our Facebook page last week, where you can get instant updates and new blog posts delivered straight to your news feed.


  1. So exciting! Wish I was in Canada to watch :)


  2. I've been watching for it while in the US but no such luck.

    1. They air a new episode a day now, so I'd say the statistics are against us :)


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