Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Blog Awards

We get contacted by a lot of current and prospective expats through our blog. Many have turned into real-life friends, and even those we only know virtually prove to me that our little corner of the Internet plays a teeny tiny part in helping other people create new adventures and navigate big life changes. Thank you for that, because since we made our blog public two years ago that has always been our purpose. That, and introducing our readers to beautiful, quirky, and charming Malta: a country many people don't even know exists.

That said, we are delighted to have been nominated as a Top Blog on If you're a long time reader who's enjoyed laughing and cringing with us from the start, if you've just popped by to have a look around, or if our experiences or advice have proven helpful to you in the past, we would love for you to drop by here and leave us a note (judging is based partly on reader reviews).

We really can't thank you enough for all your support, and hope you'll continue to follow along on our adventures as I earn my postgraduate degree, plan a trans-Atlantic wedding, and document everything there is to eat, see and do on this little island.

- Jess

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