Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the Road: Avignon, France to Zaragoza, Spain

scorched hills outside zaragoza

outside zaragoza
We never once regretted renting a car and driving through western Europe (vs. flying or taking a pre-organized tour). Well, I never once regretted it. Mike was the driver during our trip, since it would have cost a lot extra to add me as a second driver on our rental car.

This meant that while I sat back and enjoyed the ride, Mike expertly navigated traffic and got us from point A to point B everyday (thank you!) Regardless, we both agree that is was pretty spectacular to see the landscapes shift and change from country to country during our journey.

Take Spain, for example. We had only ever travelled as far north as Barcelona before, and had no idea what to expect as we drove from the Mediterranean coast of Spain to the Atlantic. It was amazing to watch the view shift from a green, lush, and mountainous one to an arid, rugged and rocky landscape (compare the first photo in this blog post to the last.)

Driving also had its quirks, and provided us with a handful of some of the most embarrassing travel stories. Check back tomorrow to see what went wrong when we arrived in Zaragoza...

- Jess

date: september 4
weather: sunny, warm
distance travelled: 719 km/447 mi
hours driving: 6.5
distance travelled to date: 1,521 km/945 mi
tolls: €63 (ouch!)


  1. They have those large bulls all over Spain - we saw them on our drives South. Reminded us a bit of Alberta ;)

    1. Ha, cool! Do they have big cow cut-outs in Alberta?


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