Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Road Trip Logistics: Florence Bus & Hotel

florence road trip

B&B hotel novoli firenze

B&B hotel novoli firenze

We stayed outside Florence at the B&B Firenze Novoli. It's definitely a budget hotel (€55/night), so we were surprised to find our little room had a sizeable balcony with a view over Florence's suburbs. There was also a 24 hour convenience store in the hotel, espresso machines, and a continental breakfast (€9). Throw in free parking on site, and it was a great deal for us. The only drawback was that it was a 20 minute bus ride into the city centre. Which, on a positive note, gave us a glimpse into 'real' life in Florence.

Did you know the bus stops in Florence talk to you? You can press a little button which announces to anyone within a 100 foot radius which bus is coming next and when it will arrive (with our limited Italian skills, we even understood it!)

To take the bus in Florence you purchase tickets ahead of time at a tabacchi or kiosk. There wasn't one around our hotel, but we had read online that you could also buy them on the bus from the driver. When the bus pulled up and we tried to do just that, the bus driver shook his head and grumbled said, 'No, finito' (we felt like we were back in Malta!) So. We rode the bus without a ticket! Sweating with guilt the whole time, I might add. (For our return trip back to our hotel, we picked up a ticket at a tabacchi and felt less like criminals.)

Have you ever made a tourist blunder while travelling? What's your best transit in a foreign country story? It can't get much worse than Edna's!

 - Jess

date: september 1
weather: cloudy, rainy

distance travelled: 100 km/62 mi (Pisa to Florence)
toll/highway charges: €0
slept at: B&B Hotel Firenze Novoli, €55/night
parked at: the hotel, for free
florence bus tickets: €2/90 minutes


  1. Ahahaha thanks Jess. That was nice of the driver to let you on without a ticket anyway!

    1. I suppose it was! Oh gosh, your blog post made me laugh out loud. So much secrecy about fruit!

  2. I have such a feeling that these tips are going to come in so handy one day! Thanks so much for posting them :)

    Your hotel looks adorable - and you can't beat that price!


    1. You're welcome! I hope they do, that's really why I blog anyway. So someone can learn from my blunders :)


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