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The Chest X-Ray for Student Residence Permits in Malta

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For Non-EU nationals to obtain a student residence permit in Malta they must first undergo a chest x-ray to prove they are in good health and do not have Tuberculosis (I have no idea why). This is sometimes also referred to as a 'health screening', but all it entails is a chest x-ray. You can find legislation regarding this requirement, as well as details updated on a yearly basis, at:

Malta Student Residence Permit Legislation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malta)

Health Care & Screening Information (University of Malta)

Many students studying abroad in Malta do so through the University of Malta, who have made the chest x-ray process as quick and painless as possible. I should know, I've done it all twice now: when I studied history of art as an undergraduate student at the University of Malta in 2010, and this autumn when I began my postgraduate studies in marketing at UM.

This year, as in previous years, the University of Malta has partnered with The Radiology Clinic in Ta X'biex to offer students chest x-rays for €30. 'Officially' you should call and make an appointment within two weeks of arriving in Malta. However ('unofficially' and based on my experiences) since many non-EU nationals can visit Malta on 90-day tourist visas and therefore arrive in Malta weeks or months in advance of the commencement of their studies, making an appointment for a chest x-ray within a week or two of the commencement of classes is just fine.

You can contact The Radiology Clinic by phone at 2133 6267. They are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm and Saturdays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. 

The Radiology Clinic is located in Ta X'biex, on Giuseppe Cali Street, which runs parallel to Tesstaferrata (a main street on public bus routes). You can spot the Radiology Clinic by looking for the building with the blue awning on Giuseppe Cali Street. As you can see from the image below, it's easily accessible by public transport. 

A is the approximate location (give or take a few feet) of the Radiology Clinic in Ta X'biex
You must bring your acceptance letter and a piece of ID with you to your appointment. This is very important: no letter, no x-ray. You should also bring €30 (x-ray fee) in cash.

When you arrive at the Radiology Clinic you check in with the receptionist. He/she will ask you to present your acceptance letter and fill out a form with your contact details. Give the form back to the receptionist and have a seat in the waiting room. From here you will be called in to an examination room.

Ladies - here comes the fun part - you'll need to get naked, from at least the waist up. Don't worry, a hospital gown is provided so you don't catch a chill. I've had this procedure done twice now, and both times I had a female x-ray technician, and was never made to feel uncomfortable. If you'd rather not strip down to your knickers, you might want to wear anything else besides a dress (speaking from personal experience). And if you are wearing any jewelry or have any body piercings, those have to come off/out too.

And ladies, at some point during this experience you will probably be asked if you are pregnant, or if there is any chance you might be pregnant. You will also be asked to sign a waiver or form indicating that you are not, for obvious legal purposes.

Once you've reached an appropriate state of undress and you've reassured everyone that you don't have a bun in the oven, the x-ray technician comes in, positions you against the machine, and snaps away. It's all over in a second. You can then get dressed and return to the waiting room. The x-ray is developed on site, and you will be asked to stay to review your x-ray results with a radiologist in his/her office. The entire process takes 30 minutes to an hour, start to finish. 

The whole point of this exercise is to receive a letter from The Radiology Clinic indicating to the University of Malta and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that you are in good health and do not have Tuberculosis. Hang on to this letter, as you will be required to present it to both of these authorities while applying for your student residence permit. The x-rays are yours to do with what you want.

I'm thinking of having mine framed, side by side. Ha.

- Jess

p.s. Non-EU students registered with the University of Malta are entitled to free treatment at Malta’s state-funded hospitals and health centres only in cases of emergency.
However, proof of other health insurance is a requirement for obtaining a student residence permit in Malta.

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