Friday, October 19, 2012


zaragoza river basilica

zaragoza spain

zaragoza spain goya

zaragoza spain goya plaza la seo

zaragoza spain plaza del pilar

zaragoza spain by night

I have never met a Spanish city I haven't liked, and Zaragoza is high among them. It is so beautiful, and jam packed with things to do (we could have stayed another week and not even scratched the surface). But it also feels wonderfully small, intimate almost. Its busy commercial streets are criss-crossed by small, pedestrian alleys that are lined with tapas bars. Around every corner is a restaurant with outdoor seating, a little garden, or a piece of public art (Spain does public art right). And, much like Malta, when you start peeling back the layers of its history, you can't help but fall a little more in love with this city.

Over the next few days we'll be sharing what we saw, did, and ate in Zaragoza - all in a span of only 15 hours!

- Jess

date: september 4
weather: sunny, warm
distance travelled to date: 1,521 km/945 mi
stayed at: hotel las torres zaragoza, €55/night
parked at: parking lot under zaragoza's main city square, €18 overnight


  1. Hey guys!! Your trip/blog looks amazing!! Where will you be in November? If you're still in Spain maybe I will see you there!! Cheers from home :)

    1. Hey Yolanda! Thanks for dropping us a note. We were actually there in September, what will you be doing in Spain in November? We'll be in Malta then if you need a place to stay further south :)

      Bon voyage!

  2. Oh wow! My friend lived there for a few months on exchange and she LOVED it! I want to go! :)

  3. i want to go there too!! and 55 euros a night. that's my kind of hotel!


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