Monday, November 26, 2012

An American Thanksgiving in Malta

Since October I've been studying in a dual postgraduate degree program at the University of Malta in partnership with San Diego State University. And this past weekend my American classmates invited our entire class over for American Thanksgiving dinner.

My classmates and I are from all across the world - Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. And regardless of nationality, we all agreed American Thanksgiving is a pretty cool holiday. Food, drink, and warm fuzzies are universally accepted good things. 

During dinner everyone at the table said what they were thankful for. And it was unanimous: we're all pretty thankful to have met each other. Because (and I say this having just finished an accounting class - ugh) the best part about studying abroad isn't the piece(s) of paper you get at the end. It's the new connections you make.

Thank you, friends.
- Jess


  1. So cool! My favorite thing about studying/living abroad is also the connections from all of the world. Getting a taste not only of the host country's culture, but also of cultures from all over the world :)



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