Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cafe Iruna, Bilbao

mike can assure you the meat sticks taste better than they look!

We ate well in Spain. Really well, considering our strict budget (every meal for less than €10 each).

And I can credit this fantastic meal to Christine, who wrote about Cafe Iruna earlier this year (and has since moved to Lekeitio - which you saw in our blog posts last week - lucky girl!)

This is an adorable little restaurant, covered in warm Mudejar woodwork, paintings, and tiles. There are two adjoining sections: a seated restaurant and a stand up bar. You order hot pintxos (like that meat kebab, or pincho moruno, pictured above) from the grill in one section, and cold pintxos from a waiter or at the beautiful, old bar in the another.

Don't let my wrinkled nose fool you. I don't eat much meat, but Mike will testify that the lamb kebabs at Cafe Iruna were amazing. And I couldn't tell you what kind of cold pintxos we ate (I think those squiggly, slimy things were fish?) but they were damn good, washed down with a local red.

If you're going to Bilbao I would second Christine's recommendation.

Eat here.

- Jess

dinner for two, including wine: €18


  1. Haha love your face! I also really enjoyed the food in Spain in general, especially doing tapas and Sangria... always cheap... always delicious! Will definitely make a stop at this cafe if I ever find myself in Bilbao :)


  2. Love it! And those squiggly things are baby eels. But, they're probably imitation because real baby eels are apparently outrageously expensive.


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