Monday, November 19, 2012

On the Road: Bilbao, Spain to Chambord, France

fields of dead sunflowers
little french towns

This was one of our longest days of driving yet, but it was also pretty spectacular.

We drove from the Atlantic coast of Spain (Bilbao) past San Sebastian, across the French border, through Bordeaux, finally arriving at the Loire Valley's largest castle: Chateau Chambord. And we were pretty productive during that drive.

Somewhere in France, about an hour past San Sebastian, on a natural high from days of gorgeous sights and food and scenery, we did something we had agonized over for months.

We started planning a wedding.

As fields of corn and sunflowers flew by our car windows, and sun beat down through our sun roof, we chose a location and a concept. And it felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

I had read in magazines and on blogs, and heard from other married people, that eventually wedding planning just comes together. The problems and dilemmas and issues just work themselves out, and you find a solution that works for you. And, although months and weeks and days before it seemed impossible, we did. On a sunny day somewhere between Spain and France.

(If you told me five years ago this is how it would all go down, I would have laughed. Hard.)

We'll be married on New Year's Eve in our hometown of Halifax (Canada) in a little over a year.

- Jess


date: september 6
weather: cloudy, sunny, warm
distance travelled: 764 km/475 mi
hours driving: 8
distance travelled to date: 2,589 km/1,609 mi
tolls: €39


  1. New Years Eve sounds like a perfect day to get married and coming to that decision between Spain & France sounds like it's out of a storybook!

    1. Haha, our life really isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Sometimes I worry people will read our blog and think it is, but like you said in your blog post today, it's just a different version of plain old life. (That we're amazingly lucky to be living)

  2. So exciting! I can't wait until Jurgen and I finally have that down... must be such a nice feeling :)


    1. Half nice, half 'we actually have to pay for this thing now?' :)

  3. Congratulations! I've always loved the idea of getting married on NYE. Of course, that date doesn't jive with my fall beach wedding dream, but I could compromise. I've seen some gorgeous winter weddings on Green Wedding Shoes.

  4. GORGEOUS ring! And congrats...picking a date is the hardest part I think. NYE sounds SO glam!!!

  5. I love New Year's Eve, that'll be a great day to celebrate and what a wonderful way to ring in a new year! Last month (after five months of being engaged) my fiance and I finally set a date, and this past weekend I think we ironed out a few more important details. You're right, it does all kind of just come together.


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