Friday, November 30, 2012

Road Trip Logistics: Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel

grand royale london hyde park

grand royale london hyde park

grand royale london hyde park

grand royale london hyde park

grand royale london hyde park
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During our weekend in London we stayed at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park. We were in London during the last weekend of the Paralympics, so our hotel pickings were slim, but we lucked out booking here.

I'm not a traveller who falls into either category of stays in apartments all the time and loves them or stays in hotels all the time and loves them. I appreciate the authentic experiences (and sometimes, cost savings) that come with renting apartments while travelling. But sometimes hotels are just nice. The convenient, friendly, modern, 24 hour check in, easy kind of nice. And this one was no exception.

The Grand Royale London Hyde Park (what a mouthful!) is in a great location, right across from Hyde Park and between the Queensway and Bayswater tube stops. The neighbourhood is actually very cool, with tons of restaurants, pubs and shops. 

Our room was small, but functional. We were on the top floor of the hotel with a great view of London's rooftops. Our hotel room also had a kettle, teas, instant coffee, hot chocolates, cookies, fresh fruit, and extra linens. Breakfast was available at the hotel in a gorgeous dining room, but we opted out (my guilty pleasure for London breakfasts is Pret a Manger). The hotel staff were great, and ran to find us a sewing kit when Mike ripped the hem out of his pants 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave to attend a wedding. And - the most important part - the hotel's WiFi was free and fast.

The Grand Royale London Hyde Park quite masterfully combines turn of the century historical charm (that dark wood lounge is stunning) with modern amenities. Hotels that offer the best of both worlds are my favourite, and I would definitely stay here again.

- Jess

date: september 7-10
hotel: grand royale london hyde park, €115/night
parked at: street parking near highgate, london (free)


  1. I also like to mix it up between self-catering apartment and hotel... there's something nice about both to me :) Jurgen on the other hand, usually prefers self-catering. He likes to cook for himself in the evenings... weird I know??

    Can I just say again... I love these posts. They are so fun and insightful - and if we ever do a Eurotrip in future I know where I'm going for recommendations!


    1. Not that weird, lots of people prefer to do that I think!

      So glad you find them useful :)

  2. Thanks for adding the tips at the end of your post! Always helps when I'm planning a trip to see what other travelers have done and liked!

  3. Looks fabulous! I'll definitely keep it on my list of London hotels!

  4. Great London hotel. I stayed here about 3 years ago for a 3 day conference.


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