Thursday, November 15, 2012

San Sebastian, Spain

via instagram @jessinmalta

It would seem that I've joined the ranks of bloggers who are head over heels in love with this tiny Basque town, located just 20 kilometres from the Spanish/French border.

There's obviously something in the air here. Something that leaves visitors plotting how to quit their day jobs, shrug off all of their real-life responsibilities, and rent a little flat next to the ocean to live out the rest of their lives.

Something that leaves you almost not wanting to tell a soul about this pretty little town, because you know in the next few years it's going to be brimming with tourists and expats (and then it won't be so magical anymore).

But for now San Sebastian is simply intoxicating. And it's not hard to see why. Even on a moody, cloudy morning it's stunning. The perfect combination of sea and sand and city.

It is the prettiest place I have ever been. (And I've been to a few places.)

We spent a little less than two hours here, stopping for breakfast on our way from Bilbao, Spain to Chambord, France. And what a breakfast. We ate our fill of tortilla de patatas, toasted bread with tomato paste and salt (my new favourite toast topping), espresso, and fresh orange juice at Cafe de la Concha. It's set right on the beach, has fast, friendly service, and can provide menus in English if your Basque isn't up to snuff.

And that view!

Mike practically had to drag me back to the car.

- Jess

date: september 6
weather: overcast, warm
distance travelled: 100km/ 62mi (1 hour)
distance travelled to date: 1,621 km/1,007 mi (18 hours)
breakfast for two: €10 at Cafe de la Concha
parked at: underground parking lots beside the beach, <€5/2 hours


  1. It sure looks like a pretty town and I'm a fan of anywhere that makes you want to never leave! I really need to explore Northern Spain now!

    1. It's so much cooler than I expected, definitely add it to your list!

  2. Looks so beautiful! My best friend studied here one summer during college and said that she absolutely loved it... like you said, it's not hard to imagine why!


  3. OK, this one is definitely on our list. OMG. Love, Mom

    1. Pretty right? You and dad could rent a cottage here for a few months when you retire!

  4. This little beach side down might just need to be the setting for my next book, somehow.

    1. When we were there I kept thinking - what a place to sit for a few months and write a book!


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