Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gozo with Dogs

We get a lot of emails about living with or travelling to Gozo and Malta with dogs. So you guys (some of you?) must be interested in what it's like. If you do have questions we don't answer in our blog posts, we love to help, so don't be shy. You can email us or tweet me with all dog related quandaries.

And without further adieu, Gozo with dogs:

Gozo is a great place to take dogs if you have a car, or can rent one for the day. Dogs can travel on the Gozo ferry for free. You can leave them in the car, take them into the ferry, or take them on the deck during the crossing, which lasts about 20 minutes and costs €20 for two people and a car.

We make a point of going to Gozo when it's cooler outside so we can leave our pups in the car if we want to pop into a shop or museum. Otherwise, we find dogs are welcome throughout the island.

Bonus: during the shoulder season there is no one around to see you take your dogs into pretty parks with no dogs allowed signs. (And sandy beaches with similar signs, too.) Not that we would ever do that. Because everyone in Malta and Gozo respects rules posted on signs, right?

Xlendi Bay is, hands down, our favourite place to take our pups in Gozo. Our love affair with Xlendi (pronounced shlen-dee) started a couple years ago, when we had our first lunch at a restaurant with the dogs sitting politely beneath our chairs (that polite bit is rare, which is why I think Xlendi is so special to us).

xlendi bay

Turns out, most restaurants in Xlendi will allow you to eat al fresco with fido. There's also a neat little hiking path nearby you can scale with your pup, and a pretty promenade that stretches along the coast of this tiny village, with spectacular cliff views and picnic tables. 

During this visit, in December, we practically had the whole village to ourselves and probably could have let Elle and Win run off-leash along Xlendi's promenade, but I'm a worry-wort and those waves freaked me out too much.

We stopped at Kennedy Grove (in Malta) on our way home for a little off-leash time instead.

And while in Gozo, before we board the ferry back to Malta, we try to stop wherever there is a good view (and a bench) to take in the views of Gozo's gorgeous countryside and let the dog's exercise their little noses.

On a side note: How strange to think we share our home, and our travels, with these two little animals. (Sometimes I wonder how we would explain that to aliens...)

Have you ever travelled to Gozo with pups? Any tips? Leave them below!

- Jess


  1. So fun! I bet they love it when they get to go on excursions with you guys :) Travelling with dogs can be a tricky thing... it's great that you guys are doing all of the dirty work in terms of Malta and surrounds :)



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