Friday, December 14, 2012

Victoria, Gozo

During our day trip to Gozo last weekend we wandered around the island's capital city, Victoria. You'll also hear it called Rabat - but we use Victoria to avoid confusing it with the village of Rabat on the island of Malta.

Hello there.

Victoria is a feast for the eyes. For me, it is so much 'more than' many Maltese villages. I think the houses here are more quirky, original, and pretty than many of those in Malta. Their names are funnier (I love Toronto House and American Beauty!) The signs on the city's little cafes and businesses are more beautiful and vintage, more frozen in time. (As Mike said, "Wouldn't those guys from that 'picker' show love this?")

Victoria, Gozo decorated for Christmas

Astra Theatre, Victoria, Gozo

The streets in Victoria are narrower, more winding, more pedestrianized, and more ancient looking. Like those in Mdina, but more lived in.

Yet, I also think Victoria is also 'less than' the villages in Malta. Less busy. Here, there is less potential to be run over by an errant driver. Less of a schedule, less urgency. Less taking for granted your beautiful surroundings. More wide-eyed wandering, shutter clicking, footsteps echoing in tiny stone alleys. 

Kinnie and Cisk are local drinks - a bitter orange soda, and a light beer.

And in the winter, on a Sunday afternoon, Victoria is perfectly quiet and still.

An entire little city, that is both less and more, all to yourself.

- Jess


  1. Nice pics!!Can't wait to see all the places by myself,stepping so soon in the island for at least 3 months..your blog is just so...inviting!!


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