Friday, January 18, 2013

Bruges (really does have the best chocolate)

Mike and I took a two-week road trip through Italy, France, Spain, England, and Belgium this past September.
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The next morning we woke up to rainy skies and runny noses. Nothing ruins travel quite like sickness and bad weather, but Bruges managed to charm us anyway. How can you resist canals and bikes and cobblestones? It sounds very cliche, but Bruges feels anything but. 

Like many European cities, Bruges is bursting with bicycles. And the strangest place we found one? At the bottom of a canal! (Can you see it?)

leonidas chocolate shop bruges

To my delight, Belgian chocolate is not overrated - it is by far the best chocolate I've ever had. I snapped these up at Leonidas (my favourite was the banana creme, pictured above).

Like Guinness in Dublin and baguettes in Paris, Belgian chocolates are definitely better closer to the source.

Next week: Paris! + Our fabulous Go with Oh apartment, pictures of Mike sneezing near various Parisian landmarks, and one athletic afternoon at Versailles.

- Jess

500g of chocolates at Leonidas: €6


  1. You chose right, Jess. Banana creme is the best! from time to time on weekends to get away from Brussels.

  2. I've heard the chocolate in Bruges (and Belgium in general) is good, but if it's like Guinness in Dublin or baguettes in Paris then I am definitely getting myself over to Belgium for the chocolate!

    1. Do you agree Guinness is better in Dublin too? I don't like it anywhere else :)


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