Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello again!

Hello again! We’ve just returned to Malta after spending a lovely (cold!) Christmas in Canada with our famiy and friends. I hope your holidays were as full of laughter and love and good food as ours were. And inflatable remote controlled sharks, because they are just awesome.

What a month! We moved to a new flat, I’m halfway through earning my two postgrad degrees, and we’ve been slugging through wedding planning.

And what a year! We participated in a reality TV show, got engaged, went to Austria, and took a two week road trip through western Europe. And we loved sharing it all with you right here. Thanks for sticking around, and for your lovely comments and emails. We really do have the coolest readers (many of whom are locals we have heard from and met lately! Hey there locals!)

Wherever you live, I do hope you’ll keep following our stories in the year to come. We’ve got big plans for 2013: I’m writing a thesis, graduating, getting married, and planning a few trips. Along the way, Mike and I will continue to share our experiences and stories with you. First up: we want to continue telling you about the second half of that road trip, including the time we spent in Paris, Annecy, Sirmione, and Bruges. We'll continue sharing our road trip costs too, since we still believe money is the elephant in the room of travel blogging. In that spirit, we'll conclude our road trip posts with a full round-up of our road-trip budget (spoiler alert: road trips aren't cheap!)

Since it was always our original intent, in 2013 we'll also continue composing our love letter to Malta through words and images of life on this little island.

And if none of that tempts you, there will be cute photos of dogs.

This year Mike and I are committed to improving the content of what you see around here. So, our posts may be less frequent in 2013, but I hope that means they’ll be better too.

- Jess


  1. Looking forward to the new year on Mike & Jess in Malta!

  2. Can't wait to follow along in 2013 - sounds like it will be another amazing year :)

    ps That shark is AWESOME!

    1. It is awesome! It was really fun to have a toy us adults could play with Christmas morning :)

      Unfortunately it couldn't come back to Malta with us (wouldn't fit in a suitcase, if you can believe it...)

  3. Aw I can't wait to see what 2013 has to bring for y'all. Good luck with everything.
    xo, Maria

  4. Looking forward to hear/read ;)what 2013 has in store for you!

    dorianne xoxo


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