Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sponsored Post: Teaching English at Maltalingua

Below is a sponsored post by a teacher at one of our Maltese partners, local English language school Maltalingua. Malta's warm temperatures and English speaking population make it a popular destination for students of all ages to study ESL.
- Jess

As an English teacher at Maltalingua English Language School, no two days are alike. One day, language students will be eager and ready to learn; the motivated self starters complete their homework immediately after class and give it back to you first thing in the morning. The next day, the same motivated students may be missing home or come in with a splitting headache, having been out partying in Paceville all night!

The variety of students at our language school, different ages, levels and skills all play an important part in how each student learns, and it is important to notice and adapt to each student. That is the real Maltalingua. An English school where diversity matters and where every student has their needs met. It doesn’t matter if a student is here for one week or six months, everyone is a priority. It is my job to listen, find out what they want, and determine what they need. I then structure my English lessons appropriately whilst following a syllabus that is closely tied to a worldwide-recognised description of language levels (CEFR).

At Maltalingua we not only depend on the experience of the English teacher, but we also have a dedicated Director of Studies and administrative staff who help students with anything they need. Changing level, dealing with accommodation and enquiries about Malta can be answered by this team of professionals.  Teaching here is arguably unique; we combine education, creativity and English to create the best possible environment for students to learn. You are unique and so your language learning experience should be too.

Find more info here:
Maltalingua English Language School
151, Boxer House Birkirkara Hill
St Julian's STJ 1140

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  1. I love teaching English in Spain but Malta doesn´t sound like a bad gig, either ;)


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