Monday, February 18, 2013

The Venice of the Alps: Annecy, France

Mike and I took a two-week road trip through Italy, Monaco, France, Spain,
England, and Belgium this past September.
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We added Annecy, the "Venice of the Alps," to our road trip itinerary on a recommendation from Mike's dad. It ended up being one of the most shockingly beautiful destinations we explored during our trip last September.

Hugging Lake Annecy, located at the foot of La Tournette mountain and 5 hours from Paris, Annecy is an exquisite little town full of charming cafes, breathtaking vistas, and lazy canals. Throw in good French wine and pastries, and stinky cheese fondues, and you have my idea of heaven.

This fence, in one of the city's many public parks, is a nod to the great ski slopes near Annecy. And when (not if) we return, we're definitely renting one of those boats!

a pastry breakfast, via instagram

fondue at le freti (the stinkiest, cheesiest restaurant i've ever been to), via instagram

Have you ever seen such clear lake water?

Tomorrow, a look at Annecy's canals. (Somehow, they're just as pretty as the lake views.)

- Jess

date: september 14
weather: sunny, warm
dinner at le fretin for two: €32
breakfast of pastries and quiche for two: €7


  1. WOW! I never had any clue how beautiful Annecy was until now... it is so right up my alley. It may have just moved near the top of my list on places to visit in Europe :)


  2. I would have never guessed these were taken in France! These photos are lovely, and I'm definitely following in Jenna's footsteps and adding this to my ever-growing European cities list!

    1. I know! France is a much more diverse country than most people (myself included) think. Definitely add it to your list :)


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