Thursday, February 14, 2013

Versailles: Closing Time

Some of my favourite travel memories have been made at this palace:

My first trip to Europe in 2007 with my mom, when we saw its fountains come to life to the strains of classical music under a hot, August sun. When I came back with Mike and my whole family in February 2011, and Mike and I rented a bicycle built for two. 

And last September, 2012. When Mike and I picnicked on the Grand Canal and raced bikes through rows of manicured hedges. When we indulged in a second picnic in a quiet corner of the English Gardens, drank wine from travel mugs, and talked about our wedding.

When we lingered until closing time, when the setting sun turned the gardens golden and still; the only sounds were clicking shutters, and the crunch of footsteps heading home.

Versailles: I love you in September best of all.

- Jess


  1. So incredible that you've been able to return so many times! Funny enough I still haven't made it to Paris - but I will someday... soon!


  2. Wine in travel mugs. That is genius. Lovely post Jess.

    1. Haha I was a bit unsure if I should publicly admit that, but hey. You gotta do what you gotta do. (It's legal in Europe anyway, I think?)

  3. oh, yeah! that looks like the perfect picnic spot!

  4. These are so lovely, especially that yummy cheese plate!


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