Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My favourite place in Sicily: San Vito Lo Capo

Driving from Palermo to Erice on our road trip last month, we stopped at San Vito Lo Capo. It is one of my favourite places in Sicily: picture Brazil's Rio de Janerio, on a tiny scale. With great pasta.

It's pretty landscape, good food, and slow pace of life reminded me a lot of San Sebastian, in Spain's Basque Country. 

The pups loved stretching their legs on San Vito's mostly deserted beach, and were visibly disappointed when we wouldn't let them take a dip in the Med. (Driving with wiggly little sandy pups on your lap is uncomfortable, to say the least.)

And I know people say this about every beach, but the sand at San Vito Lo Capo really is the softest.

But it's not just San Vito Lo Capo that is stunning, it's the entire region around this little town.

This view is on the approach to San Vito Lo Capo from Palermo.

There were little camper vans parked all along the coast. Wouldn't it be dreamy to wake up to that view?

And the sheep! Their tinkling bells sounded magical (I tweeted a video).

I so badly want to return to San Vito Lo Capo for a weekend (who's with me?)

But probably not in the summer.

On our drive into this little town there were many signposts indicating parking lots for the beach - about a mile away from the beach! If that's any indication of how busy San Vito Lo Capo gets in the hotter months, I'll stick with the shoulder season. Because part of the charm of this coastal town is the feeling that you are one of the lucky few to experience this little slice of paradise and its lazy pace of life.

Oh, and the pasta.

- Jess


  1. Love all the pictures. I must go to Sicily when I go back to Italy!

  2. I want to go!

    Looks like a beautiful place.. and I love the photos of your dogs and their floppy ears. :)


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