Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Organika Shop, Gozo

Earlier this spring I had the pleasure of finding the loveliest little shop on the island of Gozo. Organika is operated by a kind woman from Paris, who knew everything about every product in her shop (where it came from, how it was made) and was gracious enough to let me take a few photos. 

Organika also has a free multilingual book exchange. How fun is that?

I went home with two new purses, a pouch full of local sea salt, and a smile on my face. The textiles at Organika are stunning, and affordable to boot. If you find yourself in Victoria do pop in. 

- Jess

p.s. i was not compensated for this post. i simply liked this shop.


  1. I LOVE that shop! I go every time I visit Gozo :)

    1. Thanks Jess for the wonderful comments and great pics from our shop ! One of your follower came to the shop this morning and told me about your post. looking forward to seeing you again in Gozo ! Charlotte
      Ps : and well done for your blog, I have been following it for weeks :-)

  2. I absolutely <3 Organika. Hi Christoph! Your shop is wonderful!


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