Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Traveling with dogs in Sicily

We loved traveling with our dogs earlier this Spring on our road trip through Sicily. They were surprisingly easy travel companions, and love traveling by car. 

It was really nice that the weather wasn't too hot to leave them in a car when we wanted to duck into a museum or restaurant that wasn't pet friendly. (Windows cracked, and never for too long, of course!)

Traveling with dogs also forced us to relax a bit more. Dare I say, it's a big reason we fell so hard for Sicily.

We had more walks on beaches, more road side pit stops with pretty views, more after dinner strolls through sleepy villages. Sure, we saw less of the must-sees, but our laps were warmer, and I think that's a trade off I'm willing to make again.

Sicily is also surprisingly dog friendly. It seems everyone in Sicily has a dog and/or loves them. And we saw dogs everywhere we went: outdoor cafes, hotels, shopping centres, beaches. There were even a few in H&M!

We were also allowed to take our pups into a beautiful, ancient historical site in Sicily - definitely a pinch-me moment. (At least for us humans.) Evidence of that surreal moment coming your way tomorrow.

- Jess

  • Email hotels ahead of time to confirm their pet policy, and verify if there are pet charges (sometimes they sneak up on you)
  • If your pups are pullers, take a harness. New smells everywhere! We use these because they are padded, double as seat belt attachments, and actually fit dachshunds (miracle!)
  • Learn the phrase 'are dogs allowed?' in the language of the country you're visiting (a little effort goes a long way!)
  • We used this app to make sure publicly posted signs didn't say 'no pets allowed.' Best. App. Ever.
  • Take a watertight tupperware container for water, so you can toss it in your purse.
  • All of the dogs in Sicily were pretty friendly, but you should be aware that stray dogs are fairly common, and travel in packs in some cities. We came across one pack in Erice that was giving us warning barks, but luckily our dogs are small enough to scoop up for quick getaways. Research the stray dog situation in the city you are visiting, and make a getaway plan if
    your dog is aggressive, scared, or wary of strange dogs.

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