Monday, May 6, 2013

Rembrandt (and others) at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I took myself on a date to the Rijksmuseum while we were in Amsterdam this month (we purchased our tickets to Amsterdam less than 12 hours in advance, it was a wonderfully spontaneous trip).

The Rijksmuseum had just reopened six days earlier after an extensive remodelling, so it was busy busy but so lovely.

Its collection of Dutch art is (unsurprisingly) unparalleled. There is something so calming about Dutch paintings, so even when you're battling the crowds the Rijksmuseum is calming, nearly meditative. 

Join me for a virtual tour, why don't you?

The Threatened Swan was the first painting acquired by the Rijkmuseum! See it up close on the Google Art Project.

Pictured above is the beginning of the museums' outdoor queues, which were serenaded by a string quartet! And below, the museum's beautifully sunny atrium.

I finished off my visit to the Rijksmuseum with a mint tea - it's served fresh everywhere in Amsterdam, almost as good as Morocco - and some excellent people watching. 

I'd love to know, do you take yourself on dates? Where do you go?

- Jess

+ Buy your ticket online! Lines for tickets were hundreds of people long inside the building, and even longer outside!


  1. I cannot wait to visit this Museum!! And, as timing would have it, I took myself on a date to a zoo/park yesterday :)

    1. So cool! We don't have any zoos here in Malta, but that sounds like the funnest date for one!

  2. Such a great looking museum! Would love to visit!
    I take myself on dates to museums as well, also galleries, photo walks and long afternoons in bookstores! Or surfing! :)
    Kristina x


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