Friday, May 3, 2013

The Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam

The best way to enjoy The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam is to not compare it to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.

Guinness is stunning, its rooftop bar view spectacular, its curation right on par. Heineken is geared to a younger, hipper audience - it's about entertainment rather than education. But it's still a lot of fun (and deliciousness).

Did you know the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam houses stables for the brand's famous Shire horses? They still deliver beer around the city during special events.

During the Heineken Experience you learn about the company's history, the ingredients in Heineken beer, and have a tasting (above, the bartender is admiring the beer bubbles). You also get 'brewed' in a special 4D cinema and learn about the brand's advertising history (my inner marketing geek loved that). 

And then you get down to business.

Like Guinness beer at Dublin's Guinness brewery, Heineken is definitely tastier closest to the source. The sample Heinekens we had during our tour were the best I've ever tasted. Icy cold, crisp and light. 

Cheers to that, and the weekend ahead. 

- Jess


  1. so jealous.. that was the one thing i didn't do when i was there! Ugh maybe next time!

  2. Looks like I may have just missed you in Mokum! I was there this past week-end. What a blast with the Queen's Day / King's coronation!

    Another good brewery is the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen, especially if you like architecture. They also serve some food in their beer bar, which is great when you are touring about the city and this is just one stop (

    1. How fantastic you got to celebrate Queen's Day! And thanks for the tip about Carlsberg. The brewery looks stunning - I'm all for a brewery that combines good beer and a bit of art history!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Heineken but the experience looks pretty hip (and who am I kidding I love beer, I'd go anyway). Your photos are fantastic!

    1. I'm more of a wheaty-beer girl, but Heineken is slowly growing on me :)

      Thank you!


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