Friday, May 24, 2013

Tromso, Norway

Today's photos are brought to you by my favourite guy (the one whose name also appears in title of this blog) from a business trip to Tromso, Norway last winter.

Tromso looks positively frigid, but totally captivating (it's famous for its Northern Lights!

Mike says Tromso is the farthest north he's ever travelled. What's the farthest north (and south!) you've ever been?

I'll be back next week to share photos and stories of Poland with you. While Mike's been posting photos here this week I've been visiting Auschwitz, eating perogi, and seeing Beyonce in concert: stories are guaranteed to abound. 
- Jess


  1. We haven't been to Tromsø yet and I'm not sure we'll make it there. Most visit to see the Northern Lights & to dogsled but we have both of those things where we're from in Canada so the trip isn't quite so exotic for us. Perhaps if Joe has meetings there I'll take a trip up with him.

    I suppose Bergen is the furthest North I've been (60ºN) and the furthest South would be Cape Point, South Africa (34ºS.)

    1. I still haven't seen the Northern Lights (practically nonexistent on the East Cost) but I would so, so love to.

      That's quite far north and south!

  2. Lovely pics; the furthest North I've ever been is Fairbanks in Alaska, which looks rather similar to Tromso!

    I've not been very south yet (hoping to fix that soon), looking at the map I think Thailand is the furthest.

  3. These photos are stunning! Norway is increasingly climbing the travel list - maybe I need a good dose of winter again?


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