Friday, June 21, 2013

Meridiana Vineyard Sunset Tour

Mike and I have said for years that we would love to go on a vineyard tour in Malta. I'm delighted that we finally did this June, but the experience was made more special by the lovely hospitality provided by our hosts, the founder of the vineyard (and also my fellow classmate!) and his wife. Thank you M & J! 

During our tour we learned all about growing grapes in Malta and the art and science of vineyards. We surveyed the fantastic view of the island from the vineyard's rooftop terrace, and learned about the history of Meridiana. Best of all, we breathed in that beautiful smell of casks of wine maturing amidst limestone walls.

The vineyard has been designed to feel like a traditional Maltese home, and as in a Maltese home, you're made to feel like a welcomed member of the family here. As the sun set we were treated to a beautiful dinner (and tastings!) on a terrace overlooking the rows of vines, and the medieval city of Mdina. It was magical.

If you visit one vineyard in Malta, make it this one.

Tours available Monday to Friday
€11 per person including tastings
Catering and events extra, upon request
My favourite wine: Isis Chardonnay
Tip: Arrange a tour for sunset


  1. Just recently had went on a tour and tasting and fell in love. Love the Isis and the Nexus. Actually all the wines were very nice. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks for your comment Irene! The Isis is delicious. Thanks for reading!


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