Monday, June 17, 2013

The best money I ever spent in Malta

When my classmates and I completed the coursework for our postgrad degrees Mike had the brilliant idea of organizing a chartered catamaran as a celebration for us, our families and friends. 

It was the best money I ever spent in Malta.

Catamarans are fun. Can't wipe the smile off your face kind of fun. Giggling like schoolchildren fun. Sunshine, turquoise waters, and surrounded by love fun. 

Since the boat was ours for the day we picked our route. We sailed around Comino's Crystal Lagoon, hiked to the Blue Lagoon, and got a private tour of Comino's caves. We went up Gozo's coastline to the Azure Window, stopping in a hidden cove to sing Happy Birthday to one of our friends and devour chocolate cake. We snorkelled and rock climbed along the way.

There was ecclectic music pumped over the boat's speaker system. Grilled lunch, tropical drinks, and dance parties. A fantastic crew, and even more fantastic (fantasticer?) friends.

We kept looking at each other all day in awe. Is this real life? We are so lucky. I will miss you all.

As the sun began to sink in the sky none of us wanted to get off that boat. We half-joked about staging a sit in: the crew would have to drag our sunburnt, windswept bodies off the deck, kicking and screaming, and wiggling our hips to one last Beyonce tune.

Thank you, Mike, for your brilliant idea, and the time and effort you put into organizing that magical day. You gave me and my class a great gift that none of us will ever forget. I am proud to be marrying the kind of guy who does that. 

Thank you, ginger tablets, for getting us through the day without one sea sick incident. Thank you Sicilian bakery up the street for the chocolateiest chocolate birthday cake. And thank you to the crew of the Tip Top One catamaran - you guys are fantastic. 

Finally, thank you team MA IMC/MSc BA 2013 for the brilliant year. There were low lows, and high highs. Lots of laughter and cookies and Cokes and coffees. We challenged each other, learned from each other, and grew with each other. Yes, it's cheesy, but it's true. And hey, two more degrees under our belts ain't bad either. I'll be seeing you; our doors are always open. 


  1. Wow - That looks great. Can't believe I have never done it! Will have to look into it when I have something to celebrate.

    1. You definitely should! They do general day cruises too (so you don't need to charter the whole boat)

  2. That was most certainly a brilliant idea, Mike and what an awesome way to celebrate!

  3. Oh this is so incredibly cool! Mike is definitely a genius :) Congrats on finishing - I cannot wait for that feeling!


  4. Great idea ! Think you should have staged a sit in...LOL !! I was there a few weeks ago but never got a chance to go on this particular cruise but did get to spend time snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon....What a beautiful place!!! Love the photos I found of Malta here too.They really capture what Malta is all about.

  5. Ohhh what a wonderfull blog. pls look at mine to about living in Malta

  6. Hi Jess!

    I found your blog almost a year ago and I fell in love with your pictures and stories! I'm from Wrocław, Poland, and yes, that will sound little bit weird, but I was waiting to read one day about your trip to Poland and it happened. And I'm glad you liked it.
    You are so right, hot beer is not that good ( hot wine on the other side... delicious). And those candies.. they won't melt. They might stick together( just hit the bag against the table gently and they will be fine and pretty again) or the color might fade a little( trust me, they will be good anyways).

    I look forward to read more about your awesome adventures!

    PS. Sorry for all the mistakes... even though English is not my first language, I try my best ; )

    1. Hi Polina,

      Thanks for your comment, it made me smile. Your English is wonderful!

      I loved Poland, your country is a very special place, one that I hope to return to someday. Hot wine is delicious, and I'm glad to hear my candies won't melt! They really were the best candies I've had in ages.

      Thank you so much for reading!


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